Where Are My?

4 July 2016

It's been a while since I've added any updates. Dealing with real life issues has meant I haven't been able to work on my various projects much. I've been unable to work on Just Recycle Cans in a while due to not having space to set up my Vive so I've been working on a couple other projects. My main project right now is a game called Where Are My...? It is a text adventure where you play a grandpa who roams around his house looking for various objects while receiving demands from his wife and children as well as having things stolen by his grand children. I don't have all the concepts nailed down just yet. I'm making this game for a game jam that is taking place during the month of July so it's all a big time crunch. It is still in the early stages as I am still working on designing everything as well as learning Unity. Since I'm using Just Recycle cans to learn Unreal, I figured I'd use this game to learn Unity.

So far Unity pretty decent and I'm really liking C#. I have another game that works similarly to this already working in Python but there's no easy way to distribute things with Python so I'm porting as much of it as I can into C#. I have another game in mind with a different concept that I was trying to do in Python but I got to frustrated with that and the various terrible python frameworks and decided to see if it was possible in Unity. The first step of that is to make this game in Unity to get used to it.


The image above is the basic gist of how the game will look. A standard text adventure interface plus a map of the house on the right. The Map will show who is in the room with you as well as indicators for when you think something or someone might be in a certain room. So far I have the text part working and I'm finishing up getting all the commands working and implementing things I had in the python version.

With Unity, it was very fast to mock up exactly what I wanted UI wise. I might need to tweak a few things but what took ages to figure out in Python was done in a couple of minutes with Unity. I'm looking forward to learning more of it.

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