JRC Update 3 Controllers and Cart Video

16 May 2016

Now with 100% more sound than last time. In the video I go over what I've worked on over the past few days. It doesn't seem like much improvement but I am figuring this stuff out as I go along as I mentioned in the last blog post. It doens't help that I pretty much had to add in the vive controllers from scratch. I grabbed the models out of the SteamVR folder, loaded them into blender and rigged everything up and figured out how to animate it in Unreal. Hopefully one day there will be just a drop in module to make all this stuff just work, but I have to do it all myself for now.

The other big thing was turning the cart into a wheeled vehicle with a skeletal mesh. I should have just done that in the first place because it solved all the problems I was having with the pawn with the old version. Now that I've got everything figured out, I can start actually making the game.

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